Is Nerf gun for kid? What is the Nerf Gun?

Nerf guns are a high-end toy for children in developed countries, but globally, nerf guns are still a strange concept. So what is a nerf gun, so let the kid play a nerf gun, let’s find out!

The N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster nerf gun for kid

What is a nerf gun?

Nerf guns are inherently popular children’s toys in developed countries like Europe or America; however, because the price is quite high with some concepts, this toy is not popular around the world.

Nerf guns are high-end toy guns; their structure closely resembles real firearms in the world. Boys often tend to like to play “action” games, and plastic guns are one of their favorite toys. However, while the guns are extremely cold and scary, while the cheap plastic guns are usually made from China. There is no guarantee of safety, education, nerf guns. Seems much safer for your baby.

Nerf-Rival-Artemis-XVII-3000-Blue nerf gun for kid

Are nerf guns really safe for children?

Many parents are still quite reluctant to let boys play with plastic guns because they think they are violent games, not suitable for their age. Really this worry is understandable. Although there has been no research to show a link between childhood violence and later crime rates. It is clear that compared to other educational games, gunplay is not suitable for children. Child psychology equals.

However, in developed countries, because their educational system has so many strengths. It is not too dangerous for children to play guns because parents here understand that exposing children to This toy can help your baby grow up. Also, they also can control their play so they will not be much impacted but still satisfy the joy of children.


In terms of product quality, it can be said that nerf guns are safe for children. Guns are usually made of plastic, but this plastic material is not cheap, and has been tested safe to use, does not contain toxic substances.

Also, the design of the nerf gun is simulated but not quite similar to the real weapon. It looks cute, colorful, and not as cold as the actual guns that have bullets. When playing, the child will see that the weapon is not for scary and violent things, from which to play with a more relaxed mentality, no longer directed to “shoot, kill” as usual.


In terms of the education of nerf guns: Whether in foreign countries or Vietnam, guns are always the subject of enthusiastic discussion by boys; however, it is often the object that parents forbid. Play.

Nerf guns are safe for babies when playing under the control of fathers and mothers. The nerf gun itself is just an inanimate object, so how your child plays is what parents need to educate rather than a ban. Sometimes the prohibition of use will make the baby more curious, from which to buy and hide, play “hide,” not good at all.

The fact that children should play nerf guns is not entirely based on the subjective opinion of the parents. If parents think they can control their play, their playing time, you can completely buy for them to play.

Should kids ever play nerf guns? Is Nerf gun for the kid?

If kids want to play guns and parents think they can control their play, instead of buying cheap plastic weapons from China, parents can choose to nerf guns. For children, teaching children to play, have fun playing with children.

So when do babies play nerf guns from when? This question is probably many parents wonder. Babies should play guns when they can control their psychology and not fall behind in playing guns. Of course, this depends a lot on the education of parents, but parents should only give kids a nerf gun when they are over eight years old, maybe older.

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